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Taylor is an award-winning motion designer & art director based in New York City.

Her passion for graphic design, branding and visual storytelling has driven her career. She is currently working at VICE Media where she is a part of an award winning creative marketing team for VICELAND and helps to create show packages at VICE Visual Studios.




Short Form NonFiction or Reality Series, 2017

Sauce Talk, IGTV & Branded Series: Nominated, 2019

Weed Week, Art Direction and Design: GOLD, 2017
Weed Week, In-House Campaign: GOLD, 2017
IASIP: The Gang Comes to VICELAND: Campaign, GOLD, 2017
The Untitled Action Bronson Show, Promo: GOLD, 2017
VICELAND Text IDs, On-Air Typograph:, GOLD, 2017
Things, Short Form Campaign: GOLD, 2017
Things, Channel ID: SILVER, 2017
Things, Special Project: SILVER, 2017
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia S2 Campaign: SILVER, 2017
420: A Spaced Odyssey, Special Event Spot: SILVER, 2017
Find Us, Campaign: Art Direction & Design: SILVER, 2017
Weed Week, Stunt Promotion Package: SILVER, 2017
Women's March: Postcards to the President: BRONZE, 2017
VICELAND Brand Package: GOLD, 2016
VICELAND, Right Now, Campaign: SILVER, 2016

Things, Original Content: GOLD, 2018
Things, Art Direction & Design: GOLD, 2018
Things, Social Media Multi Platform Campaign: GOLD, 2018
Weed Week, Campaign, Video: GOLD, 2018
Weed Week, Social Media Campaign, Multi Platform: Silver, 2018
Slutever, Pornhub Takeover, Banners & Rich Media: Bronze, 2018
Things, Social Good: Bronze, 2018
VICELAND Brand Package: GRAND, 2017
Weed Week, Campaign: GOLD, 2017
Weed Week, OOH: GOLD, 2017
Weed Week, Tiny Stuff, Promo: GOLD, 2017
Weed Week, Campaign, Video: GOLD, 2017

Weed Week Storefronts, Engagement: GOLD, 2017
Weed Week Walk Of Fame, Media: GOLD, 2017
Weed Week, Media: GOLD, 2017
Weed Week Coachella Banner, Contextual OOH: GOLD, 2017
Find Us, Media: GOLD, 2017
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, Integrated Multi-media: GOLD, 2017
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia , Media: GOLD, 2017

Things, Integrated Campaign, Bronze, 2017ADC
Things, Social Use, Bronze, 2017

Postcards from the Women's March, Announcements, Invites + Greeting Cards, 2017
VICELAND Press Kit, Packaging, 2017
Emmy Kit, Packaging, 2017
Text IDs, Television + Motion Graphics, 2017

@VICELAND, People's Voice Award in Social: Entertainment, 2017
420 Special: A Quiz Show, People's Voice Award in Film & Video, 2017
VICELAND, Mobile Sites & Apps - Best Streaming Video, 2016

Cannes, THINGS, Media & Publications, 2017
Cannes, THINGS, Social, 2017